We have answered some of your most frequently asked questions. If you have any questions left, feel free to contact us, and your Omnizon expert will answer you within 24 hours.


If you send more than 200 invoices a month by post, you will notice the savings of doing business electronically instantly. Less time will be spent on filling out invoices, because these types of operational tasks will become simple, and more money will be saved on office expenses (postage, printing etc.).

Omnizon Networks allows you to make and exchange legally binding electronic invoices (certified with an applicable electronic signature and time stamp).

Omnizon Enterprise Connect access is meant for companies at a high level of business process digitalization. Omnizon Enterprise Connect uses automated processes to create electronic documents in your business system, and deliver them to Omnizon’s system and your business partner.

Omnizon Web access is meant for companies which are not currently at a high level of digitalization (without an ERP system) and therefore are not able to use Omnizon Enterprise Connect.

Omnizon Web does not require any changes to your existing system and you can create electronic documents freely.

The exchange of electronic documents covers all document types used in the acquisition process: purchase orders, purchase order confirmations, bills of landing, receipts, invoices (approval, charge, cancellation).

The type of electronic document you will exchange depends upon the arrangement between you and your business partner.
If there is a need for exchanging some other types of documents, we can help you.
Feel free to contact us, and we will include other types of documents upon request.

The exchange of electronic documents can be done between any two business entities in the Omnizon Networks system. For a complete reference list of all our users, please contact us at [email protected].

A Global Location Number (GLN) is a numerical code which identifies a legal, functional, or physical location in a business or organizational structure. Global Location Numbers can be used for identifying anything that has or could have an address. For instance: companies, departments, rooms, factories, shelves, delivery points, or EDI network addresses.

If the partner you wish to exchange electronic documents with is using GLN in their business systems, you also need to use it in the electronic exchange of documents.

The technical prerequisites depend on the type of access you opted for: if you opted for Omnizon Web acces, all you need is a computer, an internet browser, and an internet connection.

If you opted for Omnizon Enterprise Connect access, you need to define the connection type and the electronic document format you will be using in the exchange. For all additional questions, please contact us via phone +385 1 4091 288 or e-mail [email protected].

After you have chosen a partner to exchange electronic documents with, your method of accessing the Omnizon system (Omnizon Enterprise Connect or Omnizon Web), and defined the format and the manner of exchange, you’re ready to start your test period.

In the test period, the validity of the electronic document’s structure and the entered data is checked. For testing purposes, electronic documents need to be created based on their paper counterparts. By checking the structure and comparing it to paper document we can confirm the validity of the electronic document.

Initiating a new user in the electronic document exchange usually takes from 3 days (for Omnizon Web) to 3 weeks (for Omnizon Enterprise Connect).

To use an e-signature, it is necessary to obtain a certificate from a recognized issuer (depending on country your business operates in). Omnizon will be happy to help you with the implementation of electronic signing, so that all your electronic documents will be confirmed with the identity of the signatory.

All exchanged documents are stored according to the highest security standards in our data centre and can be delivered to you on an electronic medium of your choice.