About Redok – We make your business digitalized

Redok delivers solutions to fast, safe and user-friendly service of e-file and message exchange and integration to save time and money, as well as to boost and increase productivity. Our solutions and services integrate processes from one business to another, applications and selected data in general.

However, we are not just a mere intermediary in the electronic file exchange. Active customer relations, innovative approach to product and service development, and our agility and flexibility add new values to business organizations no matter their type and size. We are enthusiasts whose solutions make life easier for our customers and rid them of work routines and repetitions. We aim to make our clients faster, better and stronger while performing their daily tasks so they can have more time left to focus on new creative challenges.

Redok solutions turn the impossible into possible.



Nino is full of life, anything’s possible for him. He’s very determined and he always gets everything done. His virtue is often his biggest flaw – he has to check for a simpler solution to anything at least a hundred times. He’s always up for a good laugh because he says that you shouldn’t take life too seriously. He spends his free time running and doing triathlons. When he’s had enough miles behind him, he likes to enjoy a good meal. Nino also likes listening to music – from Beethoven to Simple Minds.


Matevž is an engineer. He is pedantic and goes through life driven by an old saying: “Fortune favours the bold.” That’s why he’s always willing to take on any problem and solve it as quickly as possible. In his free time, he likes to ski. He’s a calm and dedicated professional everyone can rely on.


Calm and collected. He radiates confidence and nothing is a problem for him. His love for video games shaped his professional career. Marko solves all the problems regarding system maintenance with ease. His favourite animal is the bear and his favourite sport American football. He’s a big fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers.


Mladen is an experienced IT professional who has been developing even the most challenging systems for the past 15 years. He believes in the KISS principle – Keep it simple, stupid. In his opinion the best solutions are the simplest ones, so he never gives up until he finds them. In his free time, he is a passionate photographer and enjoys Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, as well as walking his dog Mon.


He is calm and patient but always ready to take on any challenge. Always focused on his work. He’s not afraid to step out of his comfort zone because that’s where life truly begins for him. There’s a reason why a lion is his favourite animal. He spends his free time taking long walks and exercising. Rock ‘n’ roll is his music of choice.


Zoran is extremely dedicated. Logical thinking is his passion and he never gets tired of exploring the potential of his own mind. He always does his best and doesn’t believe in quitting. His motto is: when you feel you can’t go on, you still have enough strength for a little more. Zoran is a caring father and husband. He spends his free time with his family or plays basketball with his friends.


Gordan is a calm, poised and skillful person. He works as an IT consultant, but his spirit is not locked up in an office – he spends his free time as a skipper and a pilot. You may say he’s a dreamer but a stubborn one because he likes to turn dreams into reality. He relaxes by listening to 80’s music and spends time with his family and his beloved dog Piper.

Ivan Šteker

Ivan is a multitasking expert, IT professional and a proud dad who approaches challenges in a creative way. His commitment is his strongest virtue, as well as selflessly helping others. He believes that what goes around, comes around, especially when you do good. His hobbies are hunting and fishing, but actually just being in nature is enough for him to unwind. He listens to electronic music and loves football.